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UPHOLSTERY SETS-Hylo, Verti/Lift, E-Series, Stationary

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Price: $725.00
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Part Number: UPHOL-HYLO
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IMPORTANT:This page is for ordering cushion sets for "NON" FLEXION DISTRACTION TABLES, ONLY. Click here to order for F/D Tables
A COMPLETE CUSHION SET: includes all of the the sewn material, new foam and new wood assembled to produce a complete set of cushions to original design specifications.
1. Model Number?*
2. Serial Number?*
3. Pelvic Cushion Width*
18" wide
21" wide (+ $29.75)
4. Pelvic Cushion Gonadal Cutout*
5. Identify if handboard is installed: Handboard is one (1) very large upholstered board at the very front of table and installed immediately under the cervical headpiece, as shown? *

5. Breast Cushion - Single or Split Breast Cushion
5. Is There a Pelvic Drop Installed*
6. Please examine your pelvic cushion & select the configuration below:*

"Curved" board with "NO" metal plate: And NO Pelvic Drop IS installed: Part-id 800-579-00 will be added automatically to your order to allow installation of the pelvic cushion.

(+ $198.01)

"Curved" board with "Curved" metal plate: Part-id 800-579-01 will be added automatically to your order to allow installation of the pelvic cushion.

(+ $71.19)

"Flat" board with "NO" metal plate

"Flat" board with "Flat" metal plate

7. Please examine the Ankle Rest and select the configuration "currently" installed on the table:

Bolt is used to install ankle cushion

Wood screw (Philips head) is used to install the ankle cushion

8. Sensation upholstery products are stain resistant, easy to clean, durable, fire resistant, antimicrobial amd antibacterial resistant.

9. Premium "Heritage": Offers a rich leather-like, soft feel, with the added benefit of being a non-porous material.
10. Premium "Scottish Leather": Stunningly beautiful & offers the highest performance & quality. Patients compliment the sensory feel this product provides to the treatment experience.
11. If possible, please upload a pic that shows the cushions on your table?
Answer 1
12. Remarks (Optional)?
If possible, please upload 2nd pic that shows the cushions on your table?

Give Your Zenith®  Table A Gift That Keeps Giving

 Factory-Made Upholstery Set

 In the fall of 2016, our company expanded its CAD/CAM capabilities with the acquisition and implementation of the latest CAD/CAM factory automation technology to produce our upholstery products directly from our CAD design files.  The result is a product that meets our rigorous design standards for consistency and performance, and provides the best fit available in the marketplace.  See more about our CAD/CAM process:

A factory-made Zenith® upholstery set will continue to give your treatment rooms the LOOK that says to your patients … a 1st Class Image and attention to detail Is what your practice is all about.   Available in your choice of Standard Sensation, Premium Heritage or Premium Leather, and made to order for a perfect fit.


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