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Bogus Parts Are not Good Parts

Would you want to fly across the country on an aircraft that had bogus [unapproved] parts installed? Of course not! 
Fortunately, the FAA has worked diligently, over the years, to protect the public from flying on aircraft that had bogus parts installed, by enacting a very rigid process to legally help keep bogus parts off U.S. registered aircraft.
Bogus parts have had a history of involvement in air disasters that stems from the huge profits that can be made by selling bogus parts to an unsuspecting air carrier.  It was reported, “The money is so good that one Colombian parts trafficker told a Miami detective she switched to the trade from drug-running.”
So what does aircraft bogus parts have to do with healthcare products? 
The answer is that the market forces that have created such a lucrative business in the aviation industry are the same forces that work in any industry, which enables a seller to offer what “looks like” a legitimate approved OEM part to an unsuspecting buyer, while making a huge profit on the transaction, and leaving the buyer with a problem.

Williams Healthcare Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM] that designs, fabricates, manufactures and assembles a wide-range of healthcare products under the Zenith®, WILLIAMS™, INTERTRON™, SPINALIGN®, COMBI™, THOMPSON®, U.S. Table™ , Tuck-A-Way™ Footboard, Terminal Point™, Auto Relaxer™, Lo-Force™ Drop, Classic Body Relaxer™ and PIERCE™ trademarks that are owned by Williams Healthcare SystemsWe only offer OEM and approved service parts to the marketplace for our products, and our OEM and approved parts are produced to design specifications appropriate for use in a Williams Healthcare Systems product.

If your Williams product needs service parts, use only OEM approved service parts, because Bogus Parts Are Not Good Parts .

If you are in the market for a used [pre-owned] Williams product ,make sure that only OEM approved parts have been used becauseBogus Parts Are Not Good Parts.

Also, make sure that the service organization has a service liability policy in effect, and make sure that the pre-owned product that you may be considering has been restored by an FDA inspected service organization.

You can verify service part id’s and current prices by pressing this link.

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