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Pre-Owned Williams Healthcare Products

We receive inquiries from doctors and dealers worldwide, who are interested in considering the purchase of a high-quality Zenith® and/or other Williams Healthcare ‘pre-owned’ products.  This page has been prepared to help you with the considerations to evaluate a pre-owned product, and to answer some of the common questions that we receive.  Just click on the links at the bottom of this page for help with this important consideration.

First, our company takes great pride in the design and production of high quality Zenith® products that outlast the competition, in some cases, by many decades!  However, the useful life of the product requires that the product be cleaned and properly maintained by a reputable service organization that uses ONLY OEM Factory-APPROVED parts. 
There are other factors that you should keep in mind when evaluating whether to purchase a NEW or PRE-OWNED product, such as:

  • How old is the pre-owned product that you may be considering?
    • You may be surprised how often this fact is not disclosed to the interested buyer.
  • How many prior owners have there been for the product under consideration?
  • What is the service history of the pre-owned product?
  • Who is the seller?
    • What is the seller’s reputation?
    • Does the seller use only Factory-Approved OEM service parts?
      • Counterfeit or Bogus parts. These could be parts that are deliberately misrepresented as being designed and produced under an approved system.
      • You wouldn't want to fly on an aircraft if you knew that bogus parts were installed, nor would you want to buy a car if you knew that it was salvaged from a flooded area and was written of by both the insurance carrier and auto manufacturer.  So, why assume a similar risk when considering a pre-owned product that may contain bogus parts and questionable assembly proactices by the pre-owned Seller?  Do your homework on the Seller!
    • Does the seller carry a service liability policy or does the seller’s business “run naked” with no insurance coverage at all?
  • What warranty is offered with the pre-owned product, and is the warranty in writing?
  • What is the purchase price of a new vs. pre-owned product?
    • Always keep in mind that the purchase price is only one of many elements that go into the evaluation decision.
  • Have you looked into the tax implications and planning for purchasing a new vs. pre-owned product? 
    • In some instances the savings may be greater with a new product.
  • Have you compared the Factory Warranty for a new vs. pre-owned product?
  • Your Professional image is very important to a patient.
    • Will the pre-owned product project the right image to your patients?
  • Have you looked at the possible liability considerations that you could assume by buying a pre-owned product whose age, service history and condition are unknown to you?

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