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This page provides some basic information to acquaint you with the lease and tax considerations as it relates to adding equipment to your growing practice.

You Can Get The Equipment You Need NOW…. To Grow Your Practice!


Leasing equipment thru Williams Healthcare Systems offers a number of key benefits:

  • Working with a 100 Year Old, Highly-Trusted Company
  • Fast approvals….without the hassle
  • 100% financing
  • Plus NO HIDDEN COSTS, like
    • Prepayment penalties
    • Hidden fees
    • Hidden service charges
  • AND … Williams Healthcare Systems offers a number of leasing programs.

Why should you consider a lease?

  • First of all, we offer quick approval
  • Competitive lease rates are offered
  • You will not tie up lines of credit and other valuable working capital.
  • By not tying up your valuable working capital, leasing allows you to grow the business and earn a return on the new equipment.
  • 100% financing is available, in most cases
  • The entire lease payment is 100% deductible as a business expense, with both the interest and the principal included.
  • You can pick the length of the lease, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
  • No prepayment penalties, of any kind, for early lease pay-off


Discuss IRS Tax Code Section 179 with your Tax Planner , because your tax deduction for new equipment placed in service in 2006 is now $108,000.00, whether for healthcare equipment, office equipment, computers or computer software.

  • Bigger deductions mean less taxes
    • Taking advantage of tax strategies like the Section 179 deduction can help you cut your tax bill significantly
    •  Here’s how:
      • Let’s say you buy a $10,250.00 piece of equipment during the fourth quarter. Recent tax code revisions allow you to expense the entire $10,250.00 from your practice revenue. The result is $3,075.00 trimmed off your taxes if you’re in the 30% tax bracket.

Example of a Section 179 calculation:
Equipment cost: $10,250.00
Section 179 qualified amount: $10,250.00
Tax savings for 30% tax bracket: $3,075.00

Equipment can be depreciatedby taking it off your income that year (up to $18,000) or by normal yearly depreciation, up to 40% of the cost of the new equipment depending on your tax bracket.

If the equipment makes it easier to treat a disabled person, your equipment may qualify under the IRS Sec 44 - Americans with Disabilities Act , so you can buy the equipment that makes it easier to treat a disabled person, taxable year purchases that exceed $250 but not more than $10,250 and may be eligible to receive a tax credit of up to 50% (not to exceed $5,000)

*An Example Calculation Using Sections 44 and 179 together:

A Zenith Hylo Table is a very suitable patient-positioning instrument, that allows doctors to treat patients with physical challenges.  The Zenith Table in this example has an equipment cost of $10,250.00.

Section 44 - ADA Credit
Equipment Cost for a Zenith:       $10,250.00 
Amount > $250.00:                    $10,000.00
50% of Amount > $250.00:        $  5,000.00

And so your ADA Tax Credit may amount to $  5,000.00

Section 179 Deduction
Equipment Cost for a Zenith:       $10,250.00
LESS:  ADA Credit                   ($ 5,000.00)
Amount Available for Sec 179:   $ 5,250.00
30% Tax Rate:                           $ 1,575.00

Your Section 179 Deduction may amount to $ 1,575.00

Total Sec 44 % Sec 179 Tax Savings: $ 6,575.00

In the first year, the new Zenith table, priced at $10,250, actually costs you ONLY $3,675!  Keep the table for 5 years and you will be able to sell or trade the table in on a new Zenith and get about $3,500.  You just used the table for 5 years virtually for FREE. 

*Always consult your attorney, CPA or tax advisor before making decisions that affect your business, tax planning and Income Tax filling.  Williams Healthcare Systems cannnot and does not interpret tax laws, provide tax advice or advise anyone how to utilize the tax codes.

Click here for a Lease Application
Click here for More Information on ADA, Search for Section 44

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